So over the past 5 months, Kiwi’s behavior problems have really ballooned. It’s been very hard on me because I got so much blame from others that it was “all my fault”. Kiwi’s eye vet said I needed to get her into obedience training. I had been training her since the day I brought her home, but when she developed her anxiety at about 5 months old, she became too anxious to train outside, where she needed her training the most.

The dog walker I hired said her behavior problems were all my fault because she “didn’t get enough exercise”. HELLOOOOO! I paid this guy to walk her every day, and two months passed before he reveled he hadn’t even left my driveway with her. Why? Because of her behavior problems she was too spastic to walk on a leash. If the guy I’m PAYING to exercise her can’t exercise her, how did he propose I should exercise her? That dogwalker no longer works for me.

When Shannon the breeder said that another dog from the same mom (born a year earlier) had Kiwi’s behavior problems, I felt validated. Finally, someone who wasn’t blaming ME!

Yesterday I got two things for Kiwi: Her Clomicalm came in, and her Thundershirt arrived. The thundershirt didn’t help too much at all, but I’ll keep trying with it. And I gave her the first dose of Clomicalm last night, which the vet says may take up to a month to work.

I just want Kiwi to calm down enough where I can take her for walks without worrying that she’ll hurt me or someone else.