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Kiwi was born on 10/10/10, which means she’s a Libra 😉 She came home with me on 12/19/10.

Of course, my animals cannot have simple names. So I think her name will be: Princess Kiwi, Ruler of Noms

Some pics taken by her breeder:

I got her from Shannon, a fabulous and responsible breeder in Byers, Colorado. Click for Shannon’s website, The Woof Pack.

Through quick action Shannon saved Kiwi’s life, and that of another puppy and the mother, when the mother dog went into premature labor and had a uterine rupture! Kiwi was born hairless, 8 days premature, and with a crooked tail. Despite treatment, Kiwi did lose part of her tail but she has healed fine and I think it makes her look even cuter, don’t you? Shannon gave round-the-clock care and feedings to Kiwi, allowing her to survive past all odds. Kiwi will need special precautions until her immune system matures (around 4 months old) since her mother never produced any milk. (Shannon even milked her own goat so that Kiwi could have the best milk supplement possible!)

5 thoughts on “Kiwi”

  1. Susan Guerth said:

    OMG, Kiwi and I share a birthday! How cool is that? We shall have to plan a celebration this fall.

  2. maloneokie said:

    Anna was born 9/9/1999. How cool is that!!


  4. Growing up we had a dog that is Kiwi’s breed. Actually it was a “visiting” dog that basically lived with our dogs during the day.
    She was called Gizmo.

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