PitaPata Dog tickers

Captain Murphy, Defender of Justice was born 6/27/09.

In September, I saw an ad on Craigslist for a dog needing a home. Supposedly, the lady’s Maltipoo got friendly with her son’s Maltipoo and produced one puppy.

Murphy 016

The “rehoming fee” told me they weren’t looking to make a profit (I don’t want to support puppy mills) so I took a chance and met the lady to see the puppy. It was clear the dog was not in the best shape, so I gave the lady some cash and took off with Murphy.

He cheered Moose quite a bit, and I think he prolonged Moose’s life by a few months at least.

curtains 020

Before haircut

Murphy 032

He is stubborn but smart, and so much cuter in person than he is in pictures.

Homeland security warning

This furniture is too big!

Now that Moose has passed away, it’s just me, Murphy, an antisocial cat, and an elderly rabbit. Sometimes we go to Kansas to visit Sparky. Sparky doesn’t like Murphy though. We’ll work on that. 🙂

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