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Hi, I’m Mary. I’m the creator/author of this blog, but not Sparky’s owner. I’m technically Sparky’s “sister” (since he’s now the “child” of my parents), but I think of myself as more of an aunt.

Sparky was born on August 16th, 2007. A co-worker of mine has a wife who likes to breed dogs; she was going to breed her AKC Pekingese with another breeder’s Pekingese, but the family’s (AKC) Chihuahua had other ideas, and out came four puppies. The best of which was Sparky.

I don’t support (or understand) the designer dog craze; spending thousands of dollars to get a mutt from what is probably an irresponsible breeder just in it for sheer profits, when there are so many homeless dogs in the world doesn’t make sense to me. That’s why I want to emphasize that Sparky was not bred just for profit as part of the designer dog craze. He was an “oops” litter and he needed a home so he’s ours now. I hear that the designer name for his mix is that he’s a “Cheeke”. I think that “Peke-a-chihu” is much cuter, but we don’t even call Sparky that. When asked, we tell people that he’s simply a mutt, half Chihuahua and half Pekingese.

I got Sparky at the age of three months, as a Christmas gift for my father. It turns out he’s a gift for both of my parents. My mother – not normally an animal lover – adores Sparky and since she is retired, they spend their days together. At the time I worked too much for a puppy, or else Sparky would have probably been a gift for myself because I (like everyone who meets him) fell instantly in love with him. There’s something special about Sparky that everyone can see in an instant.

Plus, I was pretty busy with my own “puppy,” a  St. Bernard named Moose (passed away February 2010 – RIP buddy). Here’s a shot of all three of us, Christmas 2007.

Christmas2007a 052

For more information on how Sparky came to be ours (and puppy pics), see the post about how we fell in love with Sparky.

I live in Colorado and Sparky lives with my parents in Kansas, so I don’t get to see him like I’d like to. Pictures are taken and emailed to me on a regular basis. I hope that this blog will not only share his cuteness with the world, but will help keep me from missing him too much!

8 thoughts on “Sparky”

  1. Mary,

    Like your mom, I am not a dog person, but little Sparky sure is a cutie pie. Looks like he’s just as soft and fluffy as can be! Savannah keeps asking if she can have a puppy or a kitten when Sage goes to furball heaven. Then of course she asks where furball heaven is and how you get there and when Sage will be going there – why, why, why???


  2. cute! and i share your aggravation with irresponsible breeders when there are so many awesome shelter dogs out there!

  3. novumorganum said:

    haha that’s so funny seeing those two dogs together like that

  4. Adorable!!

  5. Oh so cute! (both of them) and the bath pics are just too much!!!

    I wish I had known my Knuckles when he was a little thing… I imagine him being much much smaller but with the same sized ears as he has now!

    I put you on my blogroll!

  6. Mary,

    How creative you are!! Sparky is a little
    sweetie. Our first dog was named Sparky.
    All of your blogs certainly keep you busy.
    What a talent! I can barely upload a photo!!
    HA HA!!

  7. Love your story! Sparky is adorable. I recently acquired a peke-a-chihu who needed a home. My Bella looks exactly like Sparky’s puppy pic’s. Its nice to get a sneak peak into what she will look like, and very enjoyable to read your blog! My mother who is not typically a dog lover has fallen head over heels for lil Bella, who is now just over 6 weeks old. I will continue to tune in! Thanks for the cute story!
    Anna~ Oklahoma

  8. indygirl57 said:

    Cool girlfriend – I love it.

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