** Update **  Rest in peace, my baby pup.  2/16/10

This is “Simply Moosehead’s Heinous Hangover”, or Moose for short.  He’s a St. Bernard living in Aurora, Colorado.


I’m his mom, Mary.  I write this blog!


You may wonder how I ended up with a “house horse” of a dog.  It was by accident.

In September, 2002 I stoped by a hotel in Denver to pick up a puppy for my best girlfrienda Jennifer and her hubby and kids. Well guess what? After seeing this puppy pile, I left with Jennifer’s dog, and one extra. Sigh, yeah, I know. One hell of an “impulse buy”. I don’t recommend anyone doing that. However, it worked out for me, because Moose is a wonderful addition to my home.


Jen and Mike’s dog is Heidi, the one on the right side of the pic with the “monk’s cap” (brown dot) on her head.

The breeder brought two litters, born one day apart. Heidi was part of the short hair litter. You can see a little guy (butt up next to Heidi’s) with a beautiful mask and long fur. I was drawn to him immediately. I thought he was beautiful. The breeder called him “Bear”, and said he wasn’t “show quality” and didn’t have an owner yet. With a face like this, how could I leave him behind? I even took this pic way before I knew he’d be coming home with me!


Moose was born July 13, 2002. Now he’s older and has some pretty bad hip/back issues, but he’s still a cuddler.


2 thoughts on “Moose”

  1. I like the kitten. Moose is like “Oh Brother, why Me?”

    Sorry for the loss. If my dog died it would kill me.

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