It’s the start of another business day at the DMV.

The line forms early and long, filled 1/4 with people who were forced to take a half-day off work to handle a transaction that should only take 10 minutes and very easily could be handled over the internet if the DMV had only arrived into the 21st century. The other 3/4 of the line is filled with people who obviously are not missing work, but have missed a few baths. Everyone in line is talking loudly on their cellphones.

In seeing the long line, the DMV personnel respond quickly and decisively by all going on break except for two of them.

After 2 hours, the Goat Triplets are finally at the counter, only to learn that they are missing a form. The form resides at a table across the room, which will cause them to lose their place in line. Should have taken the whole day off, silly goats!