Sometimes I post on facebook and forget to post here… did I neglect to tell all ya’ll about the Lightscoop? (Read about it here, but save shipping costs and buy it from Adorama through Amazon.)

I have two cameras. An older model Nikon Coolpix that takes crappy pictures, but it’s point-and-shoot, and a fancy Nikon D40x that would take great pictures I’m sure, if only I’d read the directions for it. Well my Nikon’s flash pics have always left me lamenting the $700 I spent on that camera. The Lightscoop won’t fix all flash photos, but for residential home snapshots it works like a charm. Best $30 I ever spent. Behold! (Click the pictures to see them as God intended – BIG!)

This was the first try with Lightscoop. I hadn't read the directions yet (sense a theme?) and didn't know that I shouldn't use my zoom lens... I took this from about 12 feet away. But I think it still turned out much better with the Lightscoop.

My brother Chris does not think the Lightscoop helps the subjects of the photos behave any better.

Kiwi didn't hurt Chris' arm. It was a bicycle accident. Finally, an injury in my house that DOESN'T involve Kiwi's murderous intents!

Action shot with the Lightscoop. (Blanket on chairs because it was raining that week and my backyard was Lake Muddy-Paw-Paw)

Murphy action shot: "Oh you WOULD bring out the camera when I'm caught without my tube of 'nose gloss'!"

Look at how much bigger Kiwi has gotten, compared to Murphy's size! Ignore the croc in the background. You do not see the croc. This is not the croc you are looking for. All you see is a clean house. Yes.

At this point, you're not even reading any more, are you? I think every picture is unique and magical and special. But all you see are the same two dogs in slightly different poses. You don't care. You don't even care.

Who is photobombing who?

Kiwi launches herself on my couches with such violent delight, I'm amazed I still have furniture.