Kiwi, at seven months old, has cataracts in both eyes. I guess the white thing I saw in her left eye a week ago (that alerted me to a problem in the first place) that has since went away wasn’t the cataract but a glob of fibrin that was caused by severe inflammation – the cataract made her immune system go crazy and the firbrin glob is a by product of that. The good news is we caught the cataracts early. Right eye stage 1, left eye stage 2 (stages go up to 4).

Diagnosis right eye: Incipient juvenille cataract with good vision
Left eye: Juvenile hypermature cataract with marked resorption (the resorption is the good news)… limited vision and secondary severe lens-induced uveitis

I’m giving her steroids left eye four times day, right eye once day, atropine both eyes once every other day, and we go back next Saturday for a checkup.

The assistant told me that cataracts “never” go away on their own and “always” need surgery. But the doctor was amazed – he said it appears Kiwi’s immune system is attacking the cataract, at least in the left eye, and making it better. But she may still need surgery. The right cataract he said she could live with, since it’s not limiting her vision.

He said the apparent resorption of the left one would be amazing but will have to check next week.

(She weighed 52 pounds at her appointment by the way.)

The first visit cost $192 bucks, and next Sat the visit alone will be $135 bucks not counting meds and tests.

If surgery is necessary, pre op tests run $600. Surgery for both eyes will be another $3200 if lenses are needed. $2950 if it’s only removal of the cataracts needed.

Needless to say there is no way I can afford that so I’m trying not to get upset just yet, and wait and see what he says next week.

I’m so sad. 😦 I’ve been crying all weekend.