Yesterday, Kiwi went out into public for the first time. Because of her immunity problems, she had to wait until she was 18 weeks old to go anywhere in public other than the vet office. We went to get my oil changed. The Big O staff were nice to her. Other than trying to chew on one guy’s shoelaces, she was well behaved. She did whine a lot. But she didn’t jump or lick or bite. She didn’t pee in the store. I was relieved. While we were waiting, we went to a nearby pet store, where she will be taking obedience classes. Classes don’t start for a month which I’m upset about. She really needs training and socialization.

She has mastered down, sit, shake, and wait. She needs more work on leave it, and recall. She comes when I call her unless she has something better to do. She also needs work on riding in cars (it upsets her still) and not trying to bolt out the front door.

She weighs 26.5 pounds.