My adoring fans… it is I, Princess Kiwi.  I am so honored today to be featured as a Blender Pet on Cute with Chris.  Chris is so busy with his role in Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, that I am flattered he took the time to post my gorgeous countenance.   If only we Americans had the show in our country!   I would be sure that my human would watch it every week, and I’d hardly even ring the “go potty bells” during the whole show!

I’m proud to be on Cute with Chris, much like my dear, departed older brother Moose was more than once.  Bun-G has been on – featured in a Slutty Pets montage.   My grandpa John was on, too – and was called a DILF by one commenter!     Even my uncle Sparky has been on!

We so love Cute with Chris.  We are a CWC family.