Kiwi, although 11 weeks old, isn’t very coordinated yet.  She doesn’t run much.  She has a big pot belly that makes it difficult to go up steep steps – although in the past few days she has mastered both outside steps and the big staircase inside, as long as she’s going up.

We taught her to go up the steps using treats.  Murphy got treats just by being there because we could tell he was rooting for Kiwi.

Yesterday she seemed to master the much more difficult going down the big staircase.  (She’s been going down the 2-3 steps outside for about 4 days now.)  However, the third trip down the stairs, she did a belly flop near the top and  slid down the rest of the stairs on her belly, toboggan style, paws sticking straight out in front of her.  So now she’s too scared to do it.  So now it’s back to a few stairs at a time, giving treats, trying to coax her down.