My dad and mom are at a family reunion this week, and Sparky is at home at the kennel (at our trusted vet’s office).

My parents called last night to tell me about the trip, but all she kept saying is how much her and may dad “sure miss Sparky” and they decided to leave early enough so that they can get home in time to pick up Sparky on Monday night instead of waiting until Tuesday.

They keep shaving the dog, which is stupid and unnecessary and causes me to hurl accusations of abuse, but other than that they are so in love with this dog and are convinced that ‘Puppy Sparkle and Shine’ is the best puppy ever whelped. I tried to remind my parents that they just remember all the other dogs we had as old dogs, and that all puppies are cute and playful and lovable. But even I have to admit – there really IS something special about Sparky.

My parents take him for a walk and people actually come out of their homes to see him. He goes to Petsmart and people swarm around him.