Sparky was one of four puppies… two black and two brown. Sparky and his littermates are about 9 months old now. Here they were when they were about oh, seven weeks old:

Litter 1

The people who own Sparky’s mom and dad live on a farm. I work with Scott, and his wife Robyn absolutely loves animals and is a big believer in designer dogs. They kept one of the puppies from the litter above and named her Lilli. I think she’s very pretty! No one can match Sparky of course, but she is a doll:

Their new litter of 3 was born to Sparky’s dad and mom about two weeks ago. These pics were taken I think when they were one week old (so last week). Now I know many of you are concerned about people breeding non-AKC dogs when so many dogs in shelters are homeless and put down every year, and I share your concern. But the puppies are here so ignoring their cuteness won’t help anything. Might as well enjoy the cuteness!