My mom told me yesterday that Sparky had a big tick on him! All he does is go in their back yard which is not overgrown at all… it’s only April… yet here we go.

She now justifies the shaving, saying that if it wasn’t for the shaving, she wouldn’t have found the tick.

Looks like we’re at that time of year where we get out the Frontline and do nightly inspections. Even if your pet only goes in the back yard.

Lauren’s dog Jasmine had FIVE after a hike! Yipe!

What is your favorite way to get a tick to back out, so you can just remove its head?

Last year my dad had one on him and did the old hot match thing (which you’re not supposed to do – makes them bite in harder) and his tick head remained in and within 30 days he had a painful infection to the area.

This year on Sparky they used alcohol.