Sparky 118

“Welcome to Sparky’s Home Repair Hour with your host, me! Sparky! Today I am working with my assistant to finish up a bit of floor work needed after the installation of a new dishwasher.”

Sparky 117

“The tools you will need for this job is a flashlight, a tape measure, and an old man who picks out a favorite sweatshirt and insists on wearing nothing but that every weekend for an entire winter.”

Sparky 115

“Now the first thing you do is… hey, why is this hand holding the flashlight when I deserve pets?”

Sparky 120

“ANYhoo, as I was saying. The first thing you need to do when working on a project such as this is… hey, what the heck is so interesting under here?”

Sparky 119

“Measure twice, jump once!”

Sparky 113

“Ah, you see. That is not how I would do it. What you should do is…”

Sparky 122

“Hey! Why you put me outside?! Um, I mean… That’s all the time we have today on Sparky’s Home Repair Hour. Thanks for joining me. See you next time!”