Mom reports that Sparky is 8 pounds now (at 6 1/2 months).

They put him in the kennel at the vet’s office overnight for the first time this weekend, and were very glad to pick him up. They said he did well.

Sparky loves his crate, so I’m not surprised that he wasn’t freaked out at the vet’s. Bedtime? He’s in the crate. Parents putting on their coats? He’s in the crate.

There’s a portion of the door that sticks into the crate, and when head-butted from the inside, acts as a lever to close the door. Sparky sometimes closes the door behind him. It’s not latched, so he’ll wait for mom to come and latch it. He always gets a treat.

Sparky 101
Is this where I head butt it?

Sparky 102
Well, close it already! It’s bedtime!


Note the fluffy baby blankets. He never chews them up, which is good.