Sparky’s fur wasn’t feeling very soft, and his paw fur needed trimming. Not to mention the repair work needed after my parents’ attempt at home grooming.

So, off Sparky went to PetSmart.

Mom says there was a big event there (adoption drive or something) and PetSmart was packed. Sparky walked in and of course stole the show. Everyone had to stop and “make over him”. At one point he wiggled out of his collar and run amok, until a bystander scooped him up and saved the day.

Then it was off to the bath and brush.

Pics aren’t usually allowed I guess, but Mom snuck some.

Sparky 073
“Are you LICENSED to use that deadly weapon, lady?”

Sparky 072
“Just what do you think you’re doing?!!! And you didn’t even buy me dinner!”

Sparky 071
“This humiliation shall not soon be forgotten!”

Sparky 075
“Oh sure! NOW you show up dad! Where were you for the last two hours, when unspeakable things were being forced upon my puppy person!?”

Sparky 081
“And don’t think YOU’RE off the hook either, mom-lady!”

Says Mom, to Sparky: “Oh, but you look so cute now! And your fur is so soft and smells so good! Let’s take some pictures!”

Sparky’s response:

Sparky 078

Says Mom, to Sparky: “Oh come on! Stop pouting! Put on a happy face!”

Sparky’s response:

Sparky 077
“There. How’s this for happy? Grr.”

Sparky 074
“Just leave me be, human betrayers!”