I got an email from mom yesterday with a Sparky Update and some new Sparky pics.

“He got a new bed and two new toys yesterday. He has a thing for shoes so I got him the pink thong and the fancy fabric one. He had to sniff them for awhile but now likes to play with them. Same with the bed – he had to give it a good going over and now sleeps in it just like the old one. We moved the old one downstairs to the family room. Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees and he spent the entire afternoon outside patrolling the perimeters of the yard and keeping an eye on the squirrels. Today it’s 30 degrees and sleety so he’s had to find something indoors to do – like pulling the spanish moss out of the ficus tree, stealing laundry out of the laundry basket, just to name a few. I love the picture where he finally got tired of having his picture taken and turned his back to me – seriously. His latest is to crawl under the covers at night before we put him in the crate and nibble on Dad’s toes. Then he’ll get real quiet like he’s hoping we’ll forget he’s there and let him spend the night.”

No more pictures
“Mais non! No more photos, paparazzi scum!”
“No, I don’t consider liking pink shoes a threat to my masculine image. Why do you ask?”
“And now a mauve bed… I’m starting to think Mom and Dad really wanted a girl!”
toy kingdom
“I am a kind and benevolent ruler of my toy kingdom.”