Sparky’s full-time job is Toy Arrangement and Toy Management.  Toys, when not being played with individually, must be taken up the stairs one at a time and arranged in the hallway.  Then they must be taken downstairs and put back in Sparky’s doggy bed before Sparky lays down in it.  (Once he put them all in the doggy bed and tried to just take the doggy bed up the stairs but that didn’t work.)

He’s gotten so big (and gotten so many toys) that even though he smooshes the toys to one side of the dog bed, there is still barely enough room for him to sleep in it.

Mom is going to buy him a bigger bed, with room for both him and his toys.


“The simple life is not for me.  Materialism all the way, baby!” 



“I love my career as Toy Arranger, but it sure is exhausting!”