Sooo many good pics of Sparky from Thanksgiving and Christmas! I’ll post a few here and there.

This is a pic of my mom (Sparky’s mom). For a lady who doesn’t like animals, she sure is in love with this puppy!


“Lady who gazes at me adorinkly, to vous I say zees… yes, I am worthee of your adoration!”

This one is of Sparky sitting on my dad’s hip (his dad). Sparky loves to sit on your hip if you’re laying on your side. Someone else with chihuahuas said theirs does the same thing. Also pictured is Jacob (my nephew, age 5) and Moose (my St. Bernard).

Christmas2007a 041

Says Sparky: “So how about it, hot shot computer girl? Think you can fix the ‘yellow eye’ dogs get from the flash? Huh? Can you, Ms. Internet Queen?” (Says me: Apparently, the answer is no.)

Christmas2007a 043

My dad and Sparky. Technically, Sparky was a Christmas present for my dad, but my mom warmed up to the puppy so quickly that it ended up being a present for both of them.