Sparky could not be contained in his pink puppy purse for the first six weeks my parents had him. The bag had velcro closures but Sparky would always poke his head up through the sides. Fearing that he’d strangle himself, my parents would let him ride in a car in this position: butt in bag, head and front paws outside of bag.

Maybe he would have been more willing to ride in the bag if it had come in baby blue…

Sparky Rawson 004
“Zees satchel clashes with zee collaire and mon gorgeous, flowing fur. She is, how you say, unacceptable. You shall not contain me within zees Pepto Bismol suede walls of oppression!”

Now that Sparky is bigger, he rides “all in” and can no longer poke his head out and threaten suicide by strangulation if he’s not let out of the bag. My parents report that he seems content to ride in the carrier for short trips.