I had bought Sparky an extra-soft dog bed from PetSmart, but I didn’t think he’d use it. Mom and dad report that not only does Sparky use the dog bed, but he absolutely loves it. He’ll take the 7-8 steps from upstairs and run down them at top speed, hitting the hardwood floor at maximum velocity. Then he’ll launch himself through the air and catapult into the dog bed, making it slide across the floor.

Sparky Rawson 001
“Beauty rest – she iz vehry importhant.”

Sparky took it upon himself to organize his toys, using his dog bed as a toy chest. In the picture above you can see that the cat toy I gave him – one of his favorite toys – is one that he drags to his bed when he’s done playing with it.

Mom and dad bought him a few of those really expensive toys made just for puppies, and they really are worth the money. Sparky loves them.

Sparky Rawson 002
“Sure I like toys in bed – but it’s not what it looks like.”

Mom reports that Sparky has important jobs to do every day, and one of them is that he takes every toy, one by one, up the stairs and lines them up in the hall. When he’s done with toy inspection, he takes them back down the stairs and puts them back in the dog bed because he likes to lay next to them.

Sparky Rawson 005a
“Oh no!!! I overslept!!!”