The plan was that I’d pick up the 11-week-old Sparky on a Saturday, he’d spend the night with me, and I’d drive about 3.5 hours to Colby, Kansas. There, I’d meet my parents (it was about a 4 hour drive for them) and they’d finally get to meet the puppy!

Well, I had plenty of shopping to do before my first day with Sparky. I had to buy him the bare necessities: a cute collar, a fashionable puppy purse, a super-soft dog bed, a brush, and his first puppy sweater, of course! Oh yeah, and dog food and puppy pads too. 😉

I’m so glad I got the shopping done before picking him up, because our little puppy started out pretty carsick. I met Scott to pick up Sparky, and within 10 minutes of my driving away, Sparky puked. Lovely. He’d need a bath for sure. Then he took a dump in his brand-new puppy purse. Much to my dismay, the puppy purse didn’t seem to hold him either. Maybe he just didn’t like the pink, I don’t know.

“Let me OUUUUUT!”

He was also understandably needy, being away from his litter for the first time, so I spent most of the evening with him sleeping on me as I watched TV. Remarkably, he didn’t cry too much when I put him in the kennel for the night; maybe only about an hour.

The next morning I shot some video and a few pics. Then we loaded up the car to head out on the road!

Sparky 11_07 1
Say goodbye to Colorado, Sparky!